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Day 1
10 Apr 2017
Day 2
11 Apr 2017
Day 3
12 Apr 2017
Day 4
13 Apr 2017


14:00 - 15:30


Planning for Future Growth: A Closer Look at the Ambitious Plans of the Middle East Airports

Moderator: Waleed Youssef, Director Strategy and Privatization, KPI Aviation Marketing Solutions
  • G. Hossein Bagherian, Member of the Board & Deputy CEO of Airport Operation, Iran Airports
  • Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, CEO, Bahrain Airport Company
  • Turki Abdullah Aljawini, Director General, King Fahd International Airport
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Company*
15:30 - 16:00 Networking Break
16:00 - 17:30 Hamad International Airport: The Airport’s Leading Practices in Asset Management, Business Continuity and Innovation

Moderator: Waleed Youssef, Director Strategy and Privatization, KPI Aviation Marketing Solutions
  • Jan Metsovitis, VP Operations, Hamad International Airport
  • Michael Mcmillan, VP Facility Management, Hamad International Airport
  • Suhail Kadri, VP Information Technology, Hamad International Airport

Airport Carbon Accreditation Workshop

Venue: Al Sufra (at the Al Gassar Building)

Leaders’ Forum: What Defines a Best Airport?

No two airports are the same as each operates under very different conditions in terms of aviation and commercial activities, site constraints, governance and ownership structure, etc. Aside from the memorable passenger journey experience and unique attributes that are now expected at some of the world’s top airports, what then defines tomorrow’s best airports? Should the best airport excel in environmental stewardship? Should it be measured on its effectiveness in productivity and cost? Or is it financially and commercially sound? What about the basics, like safety and security? The forum will look at some of the key performance indicators that set the best from the rest.

Moderator: John Defterios, CNNMoney Emerging Markets Editor, CNN Abu Dhabi
  • Andrew O'Brian, President & CEO, Corporacion Quiport S.A.
  • Badr Al Meer, COO, Hamad International Airport
  • Declan Collier, CEO, London City Airport
  • Howard Eng, CEO, Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Fred Lam, CEO, Airport Authority Hong Kong
  • Kerrie Mather, Managing Director & CEO, Sydney Airport
10:45 - 11:30

Networking Break in Exhibition Hall

Special Address

Mohamed Khalifa Rahma, Regional Director, ICAO Middle East Office

Organizational Succession Planning to Meet Future Challenges

Will the third or fourth industrial revolution in a digitalized economy of the twenty first century reduce the need for human capital or, on the contrary, intensify the competition for talents especially for an air transport market that is expected to double in twenty years? This panel will debate the impact of technology, changing demographics and customer expectations, and of course growing air traffic, on the demand for human resources as well as the importance of good succession planning in an organization, the attraction of young professionals to join the aviation industry and the grooming of the next generation of leadership. 

Moderator: Jaap Hoekstra, CEO, ADK International
  • Nadine Itani, Managing Partner, Aviation Minds
  • Aimen Al Hosni, CEO, Oman Airports
  • Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid, Advisor, Malaysia Airports
13:00 - 14:15

Networking Lunch in Exhibition Hall

Landside Security and Crisis Communication

Every successful organization, airports included, needs to have a good contingency plan in response to crisis situations. Incident response, communications and resumption of normal operations are key elements in the contingency plan. This Panel will revisit the tragic landside security incidents that happened in 2016, learn how the airports concerned handled the crisis, communicated with the stakeholders and public while striving to ensure a quick resumption of normal airport operations.

Moderator: Hans Mulder, Vice President Business Development, Securitas
  • Nathalie Van Impe, Head of Corporate Communications, Brussels Airport Company
  • John Bailey, Partner, Managing Director, Ketchum Singapore
  • Vince Scanlon, Executive General Manager Planning & Infrastructure, Adelaide Airport
15:15 - 15:45

Networking Break in Exhibition Hall

ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly (for ACI Asia-Pacific Airport Members only)

Followed by
  • Young Executive of the Year Award 2017 Ceremony
  • Airport Carbon Accreditation Ceremony
  • Green Airports Recognition Ceremony

Gala Dinner

Why Airports Should Be Bothered with Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is still viewed by some as a cost of doing business. Are there any benefits, or even better, quantifiable benefits, for airports to take up social responsibility? Why does it matter? What is involved? What is the experience so far of the forerunners in this aspect? Should there be other areas of responsibility other than social, environment and community?

Moderator: George Karamanos, Managing Director, KPI Marketing
  • Sandra Anani, Consultant, Sustainability to Action
  • Eric Delobel, CEO, Cambodia Airports
  • Wendy Weir, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Brisbane Airport
10:30 - 11:15

Networking Break in Exhibition Hall

Airport Planning and Airport Cities

Airport infrastructure development is a complicated process and full of uncertainties: the market changes fast and the planning and construction cycles are long.   Commercial developments have become an integral part of airport planning where some airports have developed the fully integrated “airport city” concept maximizing the synergy between the aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities. This panel will examine the future of airport planning from the perspectives of technology, air transport market, commercial development and economics. 

Moderator: Greg Fordham, Managing Director, Airbiz
  • Nicolas Deviller, Business Director, ADP Ingénierie
  • Shuxia Kang, Vice President & Aviation Marketing Director, Henan Airport Group
  • Daniel Burkard, Deputy Airport Director, Domodedovo Moscow International Airport
12:15 -13:30

Networking Lunch in Exhibition Hall

Enhancing Customer Service with Innovative Technology

The World Economic Forum asserts the importance of technological innovation as the driver of competitiveness in advanced economies. In the last 20 years, airports have been accelerating the pace in adopting information technology for passenger processing to improve service and reduce costs. Other than self-service and mobile technology, what are the most promising technologies and how can they be applied in the next generation of airports?

Moderator: Antoine Rostworowski, Director, Airport Customer Experience and Technology, ACI World
  • James Creegan, Associate, Digital Aviation Lead, Arup
  • Hideharu Miyamoto, Vice President, Corporate Planning Division, Narita International Airport Corporation
  • Jan Metsovitis, VP Operations, Hamad International Airport
  • Chris Gilliland, Manager, Innovative Travel Solutions, Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Vinoop Goel, Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Airport, Passenger, Cargo & Security Department, IATA
15:30 - 17:00

Farewell Reception hosted by Narita International Airport, 2018 Event Host

15:00 - 21:00

Post-Event Tour: Desert Safari

* denotes speaker to be invited. Program (including topics, speakers, tours, etc.) is subject to further amendments without prior notice.